Today I would like to share with you the supplies I am using during the Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry, where I got them and the cost to show you it can be done even on the smallest of budgets.

1st up is my stash shot and I will break down what is in the photos for those who aren’t familiar to Cloth Diapering

Flat and Handwashing Challenge stash shot

Flat and Handwashing Challenge stash shot

Photo shows

24 Floursack Towels free to me (my mom bought them for my for Christmas) retail at Sam’s Club 12.48 per  dozen for a total of 24.69 (already had)

10 Flats bought used for $1.00 each for a total of 10.00 (already had)

2 Sets of Boingo Diaper Fasteners 4.99 per set for a total of 9.98 (already had)

1 Snappi free retails for 3.95 (already had)

1 Set Diaper Pins free from Green Mountain Diapers (already had)

3 Receiving Blankets free can be picked up at yard sales cheaply (already had)

4 Flip Diaper Covers (1 not shown) 14.95 each I bought during a B1G1 sale (already had)

1 Grovia Diaper Cover 16.95 (already had)

1 Litewrap bought from Green Mountain Diapers 8.00 (already had)

2 Microfiber Towels 4.98 at walmart (in automotive section) (already had)

Cloth wipes (not Shown) free I took an old ripped towel and some old t-shirts and made double sided wipes

Diaper Sprayer (not shown) 24.00 Husband made following the following tutorial  http:/ (already had)

5 Gallon Bucket for Camp Style Washer Free

Bucket and Plunger For Camp Style Washer

Bucket and Plunger For Camp Style Washer

1 Plunger bought from dollar tree for 1.00

Drying Rack 4.00 photos to come (already Had)

Drying Rack Drying Rack When Not In Use

Total cost for ME to take the Challenge 1.00

Total cost for someone starting out 138.71 Please note that this stash is large enough to carry one from newborn to potty training, and allowing for every other day washing or every 2 days washing. This also DOES NOT include the sale prices that I paid although those types of sales happen often so if one had time they could very easily cloth diaper their little one for under 100.00. A diaper sprayer is also not NEEDED although it does make things easier.