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We are already half way through the Flats and Handwashing Challenge being hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry . Today I would like to share with you my washing routine and how it’s going so far. Earlier in the week I introduced you to the camp style washer and that is what I have been using to wash the diapers with let me just say I love it!

A month or so ago I bought some used flats when I got them home I found 2 that were badly stained and didn’t clean up even with stripping them so I had set them to the side to use as cleaning rags as they make great rags especially for dusting. Well one of them ended up on the little ones bottom, imagine my surprise when at the end of the wash cycle the stain was almost GONE!!! If I had any clue that the washer would work so well I would have taken before and after shots of that diaper. I am now on the hunt for the other one to see if it will have the same results if I find it I’ll post before and after but at this rate my camp style washer is cleaning the diapers better the my front loader, I wonder if it can do anything for the old boys baseball pants!! I just may continue to hand wash after the challenge because of how clean the diapers are getting not to mention that I strangely find the process of hand washing them relaxing and I’m getting a free awesome upper body workout in the process!

I have been washing daily with the exception of one time when I skipped a day. From that day on I decided it was easier to do every day as my hands get a little campy from wringing all the diapers out. I start out with a cold rinse letting it sit for about 5-10 minutes and the “agitating” it for about 5 minutes

initial rinse

I then ring out the diapers and set them to the side and take the water outside to water my plants!

Once the initial rinse is completed I fill the bucket with HOT water and I’m using a 1/4 tsp of tide original HE, I again “agitate” (read plunge the crap out of it….pun intended) the load which usually consist of 5-6 at a time for an additional 10 minutes or so. Again I ring the diapers/covers out and set to the side. This bucket of water I dump down the drain due to the detergent as I don’t want to harm the flowers.

wash load

water after wash and this load had poopy diapers

water after wash and this load had no poopy diapers

Once the washing is done then the rising begins this part for me is the most time consuming as I don’t want any of the soap left in the diaper it usually takes me 3-4 rinses for me to be satisfied though the hubby says I always do more than what’s needed. I use HOT water for the 1st rinse Warm for the rest.

1st rinse

1st rinse

2nd rinse 2nd rinse

and last but not least

20130521_105929 3rd rinse notice there are no bubbles in the water lol

The water from the first 2-3 (depending on the size of the load) rinses are used to water the flower beds and the last rinse I save for the initial rise for the next load so as not to waste water.

our preferred method of drying is of course on the line so that the sun can act as a disinfectant but if it’s raining which it has done this week we used the drying rack which Howie made from an old drop side crib

  or 20130521_113716

the cool part about the rack is that he made it collapsible so it’s out of the way when not in use

Drying Rack When Not In Use