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Once again I am participating in the Dirty Diaper Laundry Flats and Hand Washing Challenge, why you ask. Well like last year I want to spread awareness that there are options for low income families to diaper their babies without having to sacrifice other essential needs. As a result of what I learned through the challenge last year I was able to confidently cloth diaper last summer while on a camping trip never having to worry about running out of diapers or having to “make them stretch.”

This year I hope to fine tune my hand washing skills and to gain additional knowledge to be able to help others should the opportunity present it’s self.Not to mention that I found it somewhat relaxing last year to hand wash I even continued doing so for a while after the challenge ended but like many gave in to the convenience factor of the washing machine.

I have personally watched family members struggle to provide disposable diapers for their children and extend diaper changes in an attempt to make them last. It saddens me to watch their children walk around in droopy diapers that are way past their prime especially when their are other options. I have even used our cloth diapers while they are at my house to replace the disposables either due to them running out or to just try to help their parents stretch them a bit further.

I have offered to help establish a stash of cloth diapers for them but they have opted not to use cloth because for them they feel that it is more work then they are ready/able to put into it. SO it is my hope that yet once again I can lead by example and let them see it can be done no matter how crazy they may think I am. I respect their choice however I remain hopeful that those around me (Especially my children) take note just so that if ever faced with the dilemma they will know that they have options should they so choose to explore them.